90 Day

Revive U Challenge


Easy to Follow Meal Plans and Shopping Guides

Of course there are guides to help you get started and keep you informed all along the way with "information" articles, cooking guides, menus, shopping guides and more. 

You will never wonder again what to eat and when to eat it.  Coach Nancy does amazing yet easy cooking demos of meals she actually feeds to her family. 

You will learn about food prep and what you need to have on hand for successful progress.  

Plus you get videos of her shopping trips to make sure you know what to stock up on for your new way of life. 

Coach Nancy's Online and On-Demand Guided Exercises

Coach Nancy has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and she has been leading and guiding exercise classes since she was in highschool and started her own dance studio. She is a Certified Body Pump Instructor, Body Groove Guide, and Zumba Instructor and knows just the right kind, amount and intensity of exercise that will help you. She understands your orthopedic needs and can help you with decisions about what's right for you. 

No more hard workouts that leave you sweaty and exhausted. Her participants love the classes because ..."she makes it fun and doable". 

A successful client had this to say...

"I always hated exercise but Nancy makes it fun and shes always dropping health tips and cooking info to help us during the class. Best thing I've ever done for myself." TS

Revive U Challenge Cookbook

New members get Nancy's FREE Famous Cookbook with tried and true recipes by experienced cooks and Revive U 90 Day Challengers. 

Marco Polo App

Just when you thought you had all the support you needed. Here is the Marco Polo video app. This puts you right in touch with coach Nancy and the rest of the team. You can jump on any time and connect to her or the team through a video or audio message. Challengers are saying this is one of the most amazing things that is different about this program than others they have tried. You will be interacting with Coach Nancy's daily live videos. You can ask questions and celebrate your success with the community...right here. 


Guided Meditation

Matthew Stanley is a health and life coach with years of experience in dealing with addiction. He loves helping people get to the root of why they keep struggling with the same addictions.  This is very likely the missing piece to your success in sustaining a healthy life. There are daily meditations that will change your perspective and help you to get success over your thoughts.

"I had always thought that meditation was weird but now I am using it daily to help me overcome my anxiety." GH

This isn't about 


but fueling your body to PERFORM 

Once you have the RIGHT information about how to fuel you body you will notice that you are not hungry. You will not feel deprived and because you will learn the right supplements and foods that supply your body with the best nutrients you will have amazing energy, better sleep and and overall new lease on life.


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What makes this program different from anything else you have tried?

  • You are not in this alone… Coach Nancy is coaching you daily in the app on your phone and is available via text or phone call to answer questions and cheer you on. Daily coaching is what you get and not from an automated response but Coach Nancy herself.
  • You’ll learn how to change the conversation you have been having with yourself about food. This is one of the key things that brings success immediately and also long term to my clients. You will spend the first few weeks re-creating a new way of viewing and thinking about food. That’s why it’s called a lifestyle and not a diet.
  • There is no shake, potion or pill… just good clean food that you will enjoy and look forward to.
  • You will have guided exercises classes with Coach Nancy that you can enjoy live or watch the replay. These are about 20-25 minutes and as a physical therapist Coach Nancy makes sure you protect yourself from injury while gaining strength and knowledge about how to heal your body and keep it mobile. No more hard workouts at the gym.
  • You will learn how to start and successfully complete a fast that will allow your body to shred fat. All of my clients are scared of this at first but after they complete their first fast they all say “it was easy and I feel so much more energy”.
  • You enjoy guided meditations. My clients love that they learn how to meditate and are thrilled about their new awareness and mindfulness.

Clear Actionable Steps

Get a clear list of lessons & habits every day that will help you become healthier. No more guessing what to eat and when to eat it. This is not a list of foods but a lifestyle. At the end of 90 Days you will be your own nutrition expert.

Coaching and Community

Get expert advice, accountability and support from your coach & from our private Marco Polo video app. Our clients love this community of support and you will meet new friends to travel with on this journey to health.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Get access to your coach and the content anywhere and anytime.



My focus was on health and mobility because I have little, young grandchildren...

- Hope

Coach Nancy gave the valuable clues to know why I had stalled and now I'm losing again

- Renae

I now have more energy and good rest. Best decision I have made for myself.

- John "High School Principle"


30 Days Money Back Guarantee Business

Sign up and go through all the training, join all the coaching calls, use all the resources...

...and if after 30 Days your are not getting results, just let me know and I'll give you your money back.‚Äč

Dr. Nancy Stanley
Life and Health Coach & Physical Therapist

Book your call now and talk to Coach Nancy about what is possible. 

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Just imagine down 30#'s in 90 Days.


The information included in this page is not meant to replace your medical advice and neither is it meant to guarantee any success. @AhealthRevival Inc. 


Below is a BONUS short video on how to help reduce back pain and strain.