4 Week Reversing Diabetes Academy

Eliminate Your Meds and Take Control of Your Blood Sugar

Academy 4-Week Sessions Begin the First Monday of Each Month.


Statistics now show that 88% of Americans are not healthy. All the while the food industry keeps making foods of less quality and value by using toxic sugars and additives.

Are you afraid of being diabetic or you are already pre-diabetic? Are you confused about what to do? Have you lost hope for anything except dependence on expensive medication to keep your sugar in check.

I want you to know that you CAN reverse diabetes. It is a curable disease if you have the right information and do not let it go too far. Too far means....kidney failure, stroke, heart attack and amputation.

If you are ready to Reverse your Type 2 diabetes, I have designed a 4-week course that is affordable and proven to work. It offers daily coaching and support through the process. This can be a scary venture when you have been told that it is not possible, or you are just not sure how to make these changes.

You may be wondering if you can stick to it. That is why I have created a daily accountability coaching check-in. You will never wonder what you are supposed to be doing. You will know exactly what to do and when to do it. Just imagine taking your sugar readings in the morning and they are hovering around 100. How about hearing your doctor say... ‘I think we can take you off that medication.”

Here's What You'll Get

Module 1

Why We Do This

Nailing Down the Why

Nailing down the why is critical to success. You will create a story that will change how you view your health and your ability to be healthy. Healthy people do healthy things and this where we start building the Foundation.

Module 2

Nutrition Guide

Making It Simple

In this module you will learn the simple science behind how to be healthy at the cellular level. This is so important because knowledge is power. You will be empowered to make the best decisions. Decision that in the past seemed impossible but now easy.

Module 3

Fasting and Fats

Your Friends

Fasting is one of the most overlooked benefits of getting healthy. Trust me when I say you can do it. You will not feel deprived and by this point in the program you will be thriving.

Module 4

Hard Workouts...


Never again will you think you need hard workouts. Learning this will set you free to enjoy some type of exercise but never again feel like you need an hour in the gym.

Module 5

Food Freedom...

And Toxic Relief

Toxins are what cause so much of the low energy and disease. Learning how to identify toxins and removing them from your diet will be a lifelong lesson that will serve you.

Module 6

Moving Forward

For a Lifetime

Now you are well on your way to a lifetime of health. You have learned a lot and will continue to learn and apply these principles that will help you avoid medications and disease.

As a Bonus You'll Also Get...


1:1 Daily Accountability and Coaching Using Our App


Marco Polo App Video Connection


Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls (and replays) with Dr. Stanley


Supplement Guides


Your Path To A Healthier Life

You don’t have to buy anything other than healthy foods. You will get food shopping guides, recipes and the daily support of people that are on the journey just like you are. You will have to spend some time reading the information and watching a few videos. Knowledge is power and once you are more familiar with why you have had an increase in your blood glucose levels you will be empowered to get them back down to normal.

You could possibly put together some ideas and actions to get you started but the chances of you being successful are not very good. With this course you will know exactly what to do. You will have information that has proven to be successful in helping hundreds of people drop weight, get off medications and feel better.

Here's What My Clients Are Saying

You will be surprised how quickly your blood sugars will drop, and you will be experiencing what Tammy has experienced.

Here's Michael talking about how he came off so many of his medications.

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4-Week Reversing Diabetes Academy

Module 1: Why We Do This ($199 Value)
Module 2: Nutrition Guide ($199 Value)
Module 3: Fasting and Fats ($199 Value)
Module 4: Workouts  ($249 Value)
Module 5: Food Freedom ($199 Value)
Module 6: Moving Forward ($199 Value)
1:1 Daily Accountability and Coaching Using Our App ($199 Value)
Marco Polo App Video Connection ($99 Value)
Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls (and replays) with Dr. Stanley ($299 Value)
Supplement Guides ($199 Value)

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